Own it

Be proactive, self-improving and self-motivating. Be intentional with your effort and committed to great work. Take responsibility for the trash. Show up as both a leader and team player.

Customer first

Seek to understand what matters in our customers’ lives and take on the biggest opportunities for impact. Be vigilant in the face of the reactionary demands of the day.

Be bold

Break down the walls of convention to create from first principles. Remember building anything great demands courage, resilience and resourcefulness.

Build openness

Productive communication depends on a foundation of trust and goodwill. Approach difficult conversations with curiosity. Avoid hearsay, passive aggression, and snark. Give feedback early and often.

Empower others

Seek out and unleash the hidden greatness of others. Make time to nurture growth. Set the context for people to succeed at the most impactful work with as much ownership as possible.

Job openings

 Engineering – Buyer Experience

Founding Team Engineer
  • Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Contract

 Licensed Real Estate Agents

Licensed Showing Agents
  • Greater Phoenix, Arizona
  • Contract
why choose gyn

Selling or buying a home is a stressful, uncertain process that can take months. At Getyournest, we’re reshaping an entire industry to fix that. Joining our team means building a new experience that puts customers at the center of the transaction. Plus you’ll work with a passionate, mission-driven team.