Never miss a thing

See every home as soon as it hits the market. Your personalized feed stays up to date with each listing that meets your criteria.

Track your faves

See something you like? We’ll send you instant updates on it if anything changes. You can also share favorites, tours, and offers with a cobuyer.

In data we trust

Get detailed property reports, custom neighborhood analytics, and advice on demand.


Arrange tours & stay organized

Our platform keeps track of all your visits for you. Can’t make an open house? Book a free tour online in seconds.

Strength in numbers

We have a network of vetted showing agents in each market. They’ll unlock the door for you and let you explore on your own, pressure-free.

Help when you need it

Have a question about that leaky faucet you saw? Still confused about pre-approval? Just email, call, or text us. We’re here for you, every day.


Ask us anything – we’re an open book

Get smart pricing recommendations and custom-tailored insights on how to make your offer stand out from the pack.

Submit offers online, 24/7

Create an offer in minutes. We’ll review it for you to make sure it’s perfect. You can finalize and sign documents from your dashboard at any time.

Get matched with the best in the biz

We pair you with a top-rated buying agent who knows your market. They’ll focus on getting your offer accepted and supporting you through close.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Ok, so your offer was accepted. Now what? Your buying agent will walk you through the closing process, taking the stress out of every step.

We’ve got your back

Whether it’s scheduling inspections, negotiating repairs and credits, or sorting out unexpected issues, we’re here for you beyond the paperwork.

Always know what to expect

Your Offers dashboard keeps you up to date on where you’re at in the closing process and what’s coming next.

We’ll save you thousands of dollars

Buy your home with Get Your Nest and get back 50% of the buyer's agent commission, around $9,604 on average.* It’s that simple

Calculate your refund

* Refunds vary by sale price, market and are subject to a minimum commission. Learn more at our Pricing page or Refund Terms & Conditions.

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You might be wondering...
Where do you get your listings? Is it the same as Redfin/Zillow?
You will be able to view and schedule a tour at any home that is currently listed 'For Sale' on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service.
Yes! Upon successful purchase of a home (priced higher than 100K) when using Get Your Nest, our team will credit 50% of the commission we are owed to you as a closing credit. This will substantially lower your out of pocket costs.
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